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About Us

Reliable Property Management (RPM) was co-founded by Valdir Barion and his brother to focus on management and maintenance of residential and commercial real estate in the metropolitan Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. With over 25 years of combined real estate experience in the Chicago market, Reliable Property Management provides clients with the best combination of quality services, effective pricing and reliability.

RPM is a full-service property management company focused on residential and small commercial properties in Chicago’s north side and the surrounding suburbs. The vast majority of our clients are condominium associations and rental property owners and their properties range in size from 1 to 50 units.

We draw on our experience and seasoned knowledge of the Chicago real estate market to offer our clients an extensive range of services, allowing them to choose only the services that they need and that fit their budgets. Clients never have to pay for package deals or unwanted services. From the simplest to the most complex management or maintenance tasks, Reliable Property Management is here to help you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please visit the description of services provided section to learn more about our services.


Meet Our Manager

Valdir is a Real estate professional that moved up the ladder to become co-founder and General Manager of his own real estate firm. Ever since 1992 when he first became a Broker, Valdir has not only amassed a series of achievement awards, but also developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Chicago property management business. This extraordinary accomplishment is a direct consequence of his eagerness and dedication to the Real Estate profession.
His specialties not only include real estate management, but also brokerage and construction management. His relationships with various companies and professionals in Chicago, including architects, general contractors, insurance agents, finance experts and attorneys allow him to help solve most real estate related issues or challenges. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, his proficiency at all levels of the business makes him one of the most sought-after real estate professionals in Chicago.
Valdir is the father of two wonderful boys, Lucas (10) and Nicolas (7), and his personal interests include volunteer work, traveling, grilling, motorsport racing, Judo and Tennis. He is also a veteran Judo brown-belt and active member of Tohkon Judo Academy where he volunteers to teach younger children.

Licenses and Degrees Held

Real Estate Broker – 1992
General Contractor – 1999
Construction Management Northern Illinois University – 2005
Licensed Community Association Manager – 2008